Welcome to WaihekeConnect

Creating connections for a positive impact


Join us! WaihekeConnect is a catalyst, creating opportunities to meet others.

If you're a Waiheke Island based free lancer, entrepreneur, creative thinker, doer, or mover that wants to connect with others in our community then this is the group for you.

Sign up and get a 7 day free trial and see if you like it. Then join us at an annual rate of $40 / year. That brings you:

  • Access to the WaihekeConnect members, essentially a database of other people on the island and what skills and expertise they have. You can list your skills for others to see.
  • Network with each other by posting requests and offering services. 
  • Get inspired by other people. Develop relationships with others on the island simply for inspiration or to work on projects together.
  • Attend or host workshops to share ideas or ask for help on projects. 
  • Reduced / no entry fee for meet ups we run such as WaihekeConnect creatives' morning, workshops, or retreats. 
  • The opportunity to work with others in a co-working space on the island. 
  • Any member can propose an event to the group or host one. There is no ‘controlling body’ this is a self governing entity. Each member has equal access to all benefits.

We look forward to connecting with you!!

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